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Why have a photo booth at your event

The photo booth’s history dates back to 1888. That's when William Pope and Edward Poole filed the first patent for an automated photography machine. The technology has changed and photo booths offer so many kinds of unique experiences. 

Ever since we started using our phones for photos, we forgot how good it feels to have an actual, real print in our hands. With a photo booth, you can take that goofy photo with a relative you haven’t seen in years and receive a photo instantly. Also, if you happen to lose your printed picture while you’re out on the dance floor no worries! You can find it online on our event gallery. We have you covered!

There’s always something that’s needed to break the ice. Photo booths are an easy way to bring people together to interact and laugh. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, holiday party, or a corporate gathering, a photo booth is an easy way to get people together. Not only that, but you have a photograph as evidence!

We can extend your corporate brand by customizing your photo using your company colors, logo, and messaging. If you’re hosting a Hawaiian luau, we can have each photo print carry on the same look and feel. Providing a souvenir of your memorable event.

Instead of handing out a color-coordinated bag of M&Ms to your guests, having a customized photo with your event info is always the best memory maker. And it is guaranteed that it will never melt in your hands, only in your hearts. With our high-quality photo prints, your guests will keep that memory for a lifetime.

One of the reasons why people attend events is to have fun and enjoy the extraordinary setting you’ve prepared for them. And what better surprise than a photo booth?



 A short video of our photo booth

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