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Photographs are memories that are capable of triggering a host of emotions that only get deeper through the years. Many people are reminded of their youth as they look back on the photos of yesterday.  Photos can bring back momeries of an “easier” or "simpler" time. 

Photographs of days gone by give can give you pause for reflection. I personaly have an old photo of my dad and me standing next to a fishing boat and when I first saw that photo after nearly 20 years I ask my mom who the girl was standing next to my dad. My mom had a very good laugh out loud time explaining that was not a girl but was me at the age of 14. What was I thinking. Whatever poccessed me to have such long hair as a teenager,  not to mention those huge bell bottom blue jeans. I laughed at myself with my mom right there laughing with me. I still have that photo but it's not the photo itself that inspires the memory as much as it's the time my mom had to explain who was in the photo that I cherish. The point is sometimes it's not the photograph itself that inspires but the people you've shared it with and those moments can be priceless. But at the time the picture was taken, upon deeper reflection I remember it was one of the truly great times I had with my dad going fishing with him because he was usually to busy to spend a lot of time with me at that age in my life or I was to busy being a rebellious teenager. 

The photo of my dad and I standing next to a little fishing boat together was in contrast to our personalities at that moment in time and perhaps that's why my mother insisted a quick photo was needed to capture the memory,  because she knew we hardly shared anything at that point in time. 

So, what's in it for you when you get your photos taken. What moments and memories and emotions would you like to be able to invoke years from now with family and friends as you share you photos from days gone by. Every picture really does tell a story and as a professional photographer my job is not only to take great photos but learn what story it is you want to express.  Not only today,  but even years from now. 

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