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Themes and Colors

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Some time ago I had the chance to go to a comicon fan show where it seemed almost everyone was dressed as their favorite superhero or villian.  As they traveled the maze of the fantasy realm of dealers and booths selling all sorts of wares to the masses that were in attendence, I noticed all these superheros and villians seemed to have one thing in common with each other. Their phones. This is when I decided to theme all my photographs around how even our superheros and villians are stuck on the phone.

Themes can play an importants part in your photoshoots. In the visual arts, a theme is a broad idea or a message conveyed by the work. Themes in art are often messages about life, society, or human nature, and are often implied rather than stated. A theme is not the same as the subject.

Holiday photos are the most common themes for a photoshoot. These photos are central to a theme of colors and styles. Just consider Christmas photos and the colors surrounding them, and the style of clothing most commonly worn to convey the festivivties that go along with the season. Then consider, is the theme going to be warm and cozy by the fireplace with stockings hung or perhaps by a large window with a view of the snow and lights outside shining thru, or the family gathered around the tree with anticipation. Events like weddings, business mettings, even architechural ground braking can all have themes implied in the photos. But what about themes found in the family group photos that aren't central to a holiday or themes around senior pictures. This is where your clothing and color choices make the difference. 




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