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Clothing and color

Choose your clothing and color early.  

Solid Colors Are Better 

Solid colors are prefererd because they put more focus on you, the subject. 

The  results of evolution and societal development has proven that people assign specific meanings to different colors. We do this unconsciously and automatically. 

The color red will convey passion, intensity, determination and energy. Black will give you a mysterious and hidden feel while White is related to pureness and innocents.

Gold colors are triumphant, successful and luxurious. Orange relates to optimism and socialilty and Yellow gives off the feeling of cheerfulness and intellect.

Gray has an unemotional and transitional quality and Brown brings a feeling of comfort and security.

Green has a balanced look of growth, while Blue has a sense of trust and loyalty. Purple will lend itself to being imaginative and creative and Pinkhas a nurturing and loving look.

When creating a color pallette for your photographs, choosing the combination of colors can be the difference between and ordinary photo and an extrordinay one that you will treasure for years.

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