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Beyond the Average Portrait

Finding inspiration to make your portaits stand out can be daunting when your looking for something just a little bit different, but here are a few ideas that can really make the veiwers go "WOW".

Themes around your favorite movie or book can be a great idea. We all have that quote that we have grown to enjoy or movie we have watched over again and thought wow that looks so cool, or that favorite gangster movie or science fiction. The fun is really in collecting and finding the props, clothing, and location to create those photos. Plus they really can have a wow factor.

Get a portrait doing your favorite hobby. Do you like to read, paint, scrapbook, motocross, cook. Pretty much anything you like to do that makes you happy is a great source of inspiration.

Sports and activities can enhance your portraits. Any sporting activity you enjoy can have a big impact on your portrait. Celebrate a milestone such as a trophy or getting in shape.

Recreate a magazine shoot that you loved. Dress up and look awsome. This can also lead to some really great candid photos as you prepare for the magazine layout.


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