• Puppy pet photo

    Say Whaaat

    Capturing your pets personality can be both enjoyable and a bit tricky at times. This little pup was so funny and playful. I had hid a squeaky toy behind my back and every time I would squeak he would tilt his head from one side to the other. I had to be quick with the camera's shutter release before he would get up to search for the noise. As a photographer I find pet and animal pictures as some of the most challenging and enjoyable of all the genres.

  • First Award winning photograph

    Whatcha Got

    Here's a cute little fun photo I took while at the Grand Canyon. I captured the shot of this guy watching me while viewing for a different picture in the corner of my lens. So I quickly focused on him and he was curious enough too stay still for a few shots. Then in editing I cropped this picture using the golden ratio putting his nose in the center of the spiral and added a slight vignette to hold the viewers eye. I knew this finished photograph had a little potential so I entered it in a wildlife competition and received a photographic excellence award.

  • Photo of vintage buick

    Eye the Thought

    This photograph is from a car show I attended in my hometown of Kearney, Nebraska. When I went, I wasn't planning on taking a lot of pictures and didn't pack a spare camera for backup as I usually do. I was only there for about an hour and took only three photos in that time. This is one of them. I was actually looking for something that I could sell to an upscaled hot rod themed diner. With this shot I've given some mystery as to the make and model which allows the viewers to interact with each other and take some guesses as to what car it is. I allowed just enough information in this picture that a person who is a fan or admirer of vintage automobiles will know that it's a Buick, and they might even know what year it was made.

  • Halloween with Friends

    During a Halloween party I grabbed my camera and took a picture of this trick or treater in the front yard of a neighbors house just sitting by the grave marker decoration. She was waiting for her friends, and I thought it would make a cute picture for her mom and dad to cherish in the years to come. I also thought the colors of the marker and her costume complimented each other nicely.

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