This landmark I think belongs in the landscape genre. When I got to Rushmore I knew exactly the photo I was looking to capture but what I didn't know was if it would be there for me to find. I arrived early and from the parking lot I looked up and there it was. I set up my tripod and camera and waited for a breeze to open the flag up just enough to click the shutter. I knew I had a post card quality photo without much editing. I went back a couple of years later and the view I had gotten at this moment was now unavailable due to renovation of the monument and surrounding tourist area.

    Postcard quality photograph of Mount Rushmore




  • Portrait of mischievous child


    This portrait was taken a few years ago and the kid was very inquisitive and mischievous so I decided to find an overlay to apply to the photo that would bring out that natural smile as well as give the viewer the sense of mischievous nature and personality this guy was into. Then with a little blending in photoshop I achieved this photo which is still one of my favorites because it reminds me of the time we spent at this fun session

  • Wedding Rings photograph

    Bound in Love

    For this photo I needed to show a traditional style detail shot of the wedding rings so I grabbed an old family bible that was rather large and since it was a red letter edition I opened it to a red letter section toward the center and gently folded the pages to form an ever so subtle heart. Then placed the wedding rings just so the heart was covering them like you see here and it made for a beautiful shot to show a binding love

  • Award winning black & white photo of guitar player

    In the Shadow

    'In the Shadow' is an award winning photograph of a guitar player doing what he does best. I used the stages backlight with out a flash to capture this moment. In editing I cropped the photo using the golden ratio, converted it to black & white and darkened the shadows of the picture to give it an almost complete silhouette with just enough light shining through to give it a mystique feel. I decided to enter this in a black & white competition as I felt it had very good possibilities and was honored with a Mark of Excellence Award placing it in the top 10 of over a thousand entries

  • Portrait headshot of Native American

    Standing Proud

    This portrait shot outside against a beautiful bright sky during a PowWow shows the Native American in his regalia with the pride of his heritage and while a simple style portrait, the colors are complimentary to each other. Complimentary colors in the right setting can bring out the grace of a picture and draw in the viewers eye

  • photo of Scottish marching band

    Gathering the Clan

    For this assignment during a Scottish Festival I needed to capture 5 photographs that would tell of the days events. I divided the day into five categories, the opening, the games, the vendors, entertainment, and the closing ceremony. This picture was of the opening ceremony at the gathering of the clans. I decided to shoot from a low angle perspective into the precession to allow the view of the kilts. This gives the viewer enough information to see it's a Scottish marching band without much distraction from the crowd of onlookers and was the first chosen in the series of five


  • landscape hdr photo

    A Grand Cliff

    This photograph taken from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is five photos taken at different exposers and merged together. Also known as HDR photography. HDR works well with landscapes to bring out the beauty of the colors. I used the Rule of Thirds to frame from but instead of placing the subject in just one third of the frame I filled two thirds of the frame to show more of the cliff and plateau, leaving less of the sky and canyon to the imagination. Using two thirds of the rule of thirds isn't used as often in photographs but does have it's place. This is one of them

  • Senior portrait

    The Early Grad

    McKayden graduated during the mid-term just before Christmas. He was a serious young man ready to take on the world, and although serious he also had a very pleasant personality and enjoyed the outdoors. So this was the surrounding he chose for his senior session. I used a strobe in this photo to lessen the shadows of the day and bring the viewers eye to his face. During a senior session I may take 1000 photos, then from those start narrowing down the selection to 10 or 20 percent of the best, then add any overlays or enhancements to a few of those as I did here and let the senior and their parents choose the ones they most like and adore from those.

  • Fine art photo of pet

    Renaissance Dog 

    This is a photo of my dog Delilah. She doesn't like the camera and is very stubborn when I try to get her to set for a photo. I took a photo of her and used a backdrop to give her the look you see here. I knew the color of her head would work great with this backdrop and after a little bit of photoshop manipulation I arrived at a fine art styled pet photo. This was just for fun but I really liked the way it turned out

  • Fine art photo of pet

    Little Man Cool 

    At 10 years old this guy was highly competitive for pulling attention. Since he was naturally attention seeking I ask him what he thought would be a great pose for a picture using that rock. We tried several different poses and a few of what I like to call sillies, then we both agreed this one was the coolest. During editing I enhanced the sky since it was a drab almost grey toned overcast, but with the over cast there wasn't any harsh shadows to contend with so using the natural daylight the contrast between the subject and background made for a great portrait

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